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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact the editor?

You may e-mail Irene Mueller at

Q. How can I order a back issue of Painting Magazine?

Simply call our customer service department at 1-866-222-3621 to order any issue of Painting Magazine. You can also order issues online at

Q. How can I submit a design for possible publication in Painting Magazine?

If you have a painting design you'd like to submit, e-mail a photo of your design, along with a description, materials list, and instructions to

Q. How do I find out what designs Painting Magazine is looking for?

Please click here for our Submission Guidelines.

Q. My design was rejected. Can you tell me why?

With the volume of design submissions received at Painting Magazine, we can't promise to provide you with details on why your project was not accepted for publication. Please be sure to thoroughly examine recent issues of Painting Magazine to see what type of work we publish. If you have specific questions, call or e-mail one of our editors.

Q. Why are some patterns in the magazines reduced to half-size?

Since pattern space is limited, we need to reduce some patterns to half-size. All reduced patterns are available free-of-charge as full-size downloadable patterns by clicking here. You'll find the current issues' patterns, as well as an archive of previous issues' patterns.

Q. How can I get a product if they don't sell it at my local paint store?

If you're having trouble finding a product or supply, try searching for it on the Internet. is a very helpful search engine. Simply type what you're looking for in the search box, then browse through results.

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