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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for inquiring about submitting to Painting™ magazine. Painting™ magazine is dedicated to the acrylic painting enthusiast. The goal of Painting™ is to reach intermediate skill level painters. We welcome beginning to advanced articles and projects related to acrylic painting.

Look at a recent issue of the magazine to familiarize yourself with the variety of unique surfaces and interesting projects we select.

Submission Guidelines

Please send or e-mail:
  • a high-quality photo (jpeg) of your original painted piece.
  • a self-addressed and stamped return envelope.
  • an e-mail address or daytime phone number.
  • a description and approximate size of the surface.
  • DO NOT send the painted item or printed instructions until your submission is accepted.

Send submissions to:
Irene Mueller, Editor
911 Vandemark Road/P.O. Box 926
Sidney, OH 45365-0926

Design Review/Acceptance

  • Submissions are reviewed by our editorial team.
  • We may call and ask to rework your design. We may want to see it on a different surface or reworked using different colors.
  • If your design is accepted for publication, you will be given a Project Deadline by which to send in the finished project. Please adhere to this date, as there are specific events involved in processing a magazine.
  • Keep in mind practical surfaces that can be used for everyday use.
  • Take note of current trends and colors.
  • Surface availability is very important.
  • Keep instructions as short as possible.
  • Submit clear worksheets on a light-colored, flexible background.
  • Your design will be professionally photographed.
  • Your design will be returned upon publication.

Please note, cancellation of a design is an exception and rarely happens, but we do reserve this right.


Contracts are sent prior to publication date. Publication is not guaranteed. Payment is sent approximately 30-45 days after the due date stated on the contract.

Deadline Schedule and Design Suggestions

February Project in-house 8/1 • Valentine's Day (Romance, Love, Victorian Design)
• "Beat the Winter Blues"
• Girl's Night!
• 'Tis always the Season*
April Project in-house 10/1 • Garden Accessories / Spring
• Flea Market Finds
• Easter
• Mother's Day
• Graduation
• 'Tis always the Season*
June Project in-house 12/1 • Outdoor Living Space/Furnishings
• Summer Fun (Picnic, Beach, Outdoors)
• Fourth of July (Patriotic)
• Father's Day (fishing, camping, golfing)
• Baby and Bridal Inspirations
• 'Tis always the Season*
August Project in-house 2/1 • Home Décor
• Fashion Accessories and Wearables
• Guys' Stuff
• Pet Boutique
• Kids' Stuff
• 'Tis always the Season*
October Project in-house 4/1 • Halloween / Halloween Party
• Fall
• Thanksgiving
• Home D├ęcor
• 'Tis always the Season*
December Project in-house 6/1 • Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!
• Cards/Invitations, Ornaments,
   Decorations-Indoor/Outdoor, Gifts, Home Décor
• New Year's
*Christmas designs will be published throughout the year.

Note to Designer:

Please use the following template to format your accepted project instructions, using a current copy of the magazine as your guide. Please e-mail Irene ( if you have any questions.


by Name, Certification (e.g.: CDA, MDA, OSCI, etc.)

Suggested Intro (Please include something fun about this design or your inspiration for designing your piece.)


Paint Company: alphabetical listing of paint colors.

(e.g.: Delta Ceramcoat: Barn Red, Black, Brown Iron Oxide, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber.)


Brush Company: Brush Type, Series No., #0, ½", 10/0; Brush Type, Series No., #0, ¼", 5/0.

(e.g.: Loew-Cornell: Shader, Series 796, #2, #6, #8; Flat Glaze, Series 798, ½", 1".)


(e.g.: Delta Ceramcoat: All-Purpose Sealer; Matte Spray Varnish. Loew-Cornell: Double-Ended Stylus; Sanding Disc.)


Surface (item no., dimensions;) available through Company, (000) 000-0000.

(e.g.: Wooden clock (#449, 00"x00") available through John Doe Company (555) 123-4567)


Include and preparation steps up to tracing and transferring design.

Painting Instructions

Heading (e.g.: Wildflowers)

Subheading (e.g.: Daisies:)

Subheading (e.g.: Foliage:)

Subheading (e.g.: Queen Anne's Lace:)


Include finishing steps (e.g.: Apply two to three coats varnish.)

Contact Name, at address, city, state, zip; e-mail; Web-site.

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